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About Clarissa

  As a Certified Aromatherapist, Clarissa A. Guardiola has used and studied essential oils since 2013. Having an intimate relationship with these pure and powerful gifts from God, she is able to create custom blends for her clients that promote well-being within the delicate balance of body, mind and spirit. Clarissa A. Guardiola has gone great lengths to hand select pure, therapeutic grade, organic and harvest conscious essential oils so that she can offer her clients a gorgeous, well balanced essential oil apothecary. Single oils and custom crafted blends are available for purchase, along with Certified Organic Beauty Products. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation to have oils blended to suit your specific needs!    

Natures Guard is a Proud NAHA Member

 The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy is a 501(c)3 member based non-profit association devoted to the holistic integration and education of aromatherapy into a wide range of complementary healthcare practices including self care and home pharmacy. We offer scientific, empirical and current information about aromatherapy and essential oils to the public, practitioners, businesses, product designers, bloggers/writers, educators, healthcare professionals, and the media.NAHA is actively involved with promoting and elevating academic standards in aromatherapy education and practice standards for the profession. NAHA is also devoted to increasing the publics knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy and its safe and effective application in everyday life. 

Natures Guard is a Proud AIA Member

 AIA aims to increase awareness of and expand access to aromatherapists, help its members build successful practices, expand the body of aromatherapy research, and serve as a resource for members, the media and the public. 

Our Vision

The AIA is a leading international aromatherapy organization making aromatherapy a readily accessible and respected holistic healing modality.

Our Mission

AIA unites aromatherapists from around the world to advance research and professionalism within the aromatherapy industry. As a result the public has the option for a safe, natural and complementary form of health care. 


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