I have lived with skin problems and small rash outbreaks due to my diagnosed eczema. Most of my outbreaks are on my hands and they crack or even bleed.  After using the Natures Guard soothing cream every night for 2 weeks my outbreaks are healing. I use Natures Guard every night before bed and use a thin layer anytime I wash dishes, clean, swim or do yard work. It immediately begins to relieve the pain and moisturize my skin.  Natures Guard is heals my skin and the pain from having such sensitive skin. I always have a jar on hand. -CPT. Rebecca Mundell US ARMY

The Natures Guard Soothing Cream is healing, soothing and smells sooooooo Good! - Julie Saldana 

Clarissa made for me a rose water toner and I REALLY like it.... Does not burn my face or anything! - Leslie Valentine

Clarissa made me facial clothes and I really enjoy them and there are not many I can use every day. - Carol Valentine

I had Clarissa custom blend an essential oil blend for my anxiety and overwhelming feelings. The blend smells beautiful and helps me relax and tranquil. I use it every day. -Stephanie Vega